School's Out, Club's In

What is "School's Out, Club's In" (SOCI)?

School's Out, Club's In (SOCI) are the days that the Club is open when the school district is not. This means that those odd Fridays, Mondays, etc. where teachers might be having professional development days, or during breaks, the Club is open to run programs all day long! From 7:45 am to 5:15 pm the Club runs fun programs that we don't always get to do during our after school program. We currently have spots open for SOCI registration, outside of our regular after school and Summer registrations. Use the contact information below to find out how you might be able to take advantage of our SOCI programming!

Our Holiday SOCI Schedule


What do I need to register for SOCI days?

Families will need to complete a Club registration that is the same as our other programs. This will include contact information, photo release permissions, field trip permissions, and more. 

How much do SOCI days cost?

SOCI costs only $20 per day. You might even be eligible for a discount based on your income information listed on your application. Always feel free to work with us to see how we can be the best fit for your child.

How long are SOCI days?

Drop off begins at 7:45 am and go until 5:15 pm for pickup. That means a whole day of interacting with friends and fun activities!

Is Club open for every day the school district is closed?

There are some exceptions for our SOCI days. On days that there is a major holiday such as Christmas, Club will be closed the day of, or sometimes even the day before in observance. We do our best to keep our parents informed of days like these so you know when we are closed for those holidays. Otherwise, we are open for breaks, professional development days, and more!

Contact us today to see how YOU can take advantage of SOCI days!

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