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Which lessons will you pass to today's youth?

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Planned Giving

Be a Great Futures Partner in perpetuity by ensuring that the future needs of our youth are met by including the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Clubs in your long-term philanthropic plans. An accumulation of planned gifts would provide our Club with financial security ensuring that we would be able to continue to provide vital programs and guidance for the children of Montrose County for decades and beyond. This approach to giving may include immediate gifts to the Club in the form of liquid assets or those assets that can be made liquid in a relatively short time period such as cash, stocks, IRA’s, real estate, and art. Once converted to cash, these funds would be placed under the restrictions of an endowment fund that focuses on both growth and income. Additionally, a formal planning process can be completed with your attorney and/or C.P.A. to establish a gift that transfers at a future date involving real estate, a business, a charitable gift annuity, a trust arrangement, a life insurance policy or other assets that you’d like to transfer to the Club in the future.

The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is a national deferred giving society used to recognize individuals who have included a Boys & Girls Club in their estate plans through a will, beneficiary designation, or other deferred giving technique. Marketing materials, pins, plaques, and a national Heritage Club annual report are available through BGCA. Clubs that already have a recognition society are encouraged to identify this group as their “founding members” of The Heritage Club so that they can take full advantage of the national recognition available to their donors.