Mr. Matt Boisen

I want all kids to have equal opportunities to realize their full potential, regardless of socioeconomic. Club is a great resource for some kids to get a little extra on their way to becoming productive members in our society

Mr. Bob Tesch

The Club can open doors for kids who might not have opportunities at home. Those doors can lead to great things!

Mr. Matt McArthur

I donated because it’s a great program that I was part of when I was young and it's a great program for my kids now.

Mrs. Susan Frigetto

My children started going about 5 years ago. Not only is it a safe place to send them while I work, I know that they are making connections and learning. This is a program that I fell in love with.

Mr. Bart Larmouth

I have had friends' children in the Club, and have seen first hand how it is a force for good in the community.

Mrs. Sherry Kammerer

The Club provides a service to the community in caring for children, offering more than childcare. The children are engaged and active and surrounded by adults who want to be part of their lives. The cost is very affordable and the hours are very conducive to their parents who are working.