Winning Team

A Winning Team

Can you believe it is already October? It seems like just yesterday the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) launched its capital campaign. In reality it was five months ago, last May at the Montrose Wine & Food Festival. Since that time, we have installed a sign up on the land (at the corner of Niagara and 6700 Rd) for the new Montrose Unit with a fundraising thermometer to highlight the Club’s progress toward its own permanent home. In the past five months I will say I have been pleasantly shocked about the amount of money that has been raised! Just last week, I went out to color in the thermometer with a little more red; my fourth time since starting this journey. Right now, the Club has raised almost half of its desired goal of $1 million which is extraordinary!

Since this endeavor began, the Club’s Board and I have met with many people on donating. Some were interested but hesitant waiting to see how successful initial fundraising would go. In my personal opinion, I think it has gone very well, and I only see continued success in the future. However, this success does not come from just one or a few individuals but a massive team of people. Not just the Club Board, with its outreach efforts, and the staff/volunteers who have kept the Club Units running smoothly while I devote more time to this, but also to those who have donated fiscally and in-kind. A big thank you to those who have donated so far: David & Gaynelle Mize, Matt Miles, Drs. Vin Singh & Gayle Frazetta, Drs. Sarah & Tim Judkins, Eric & Staycee Dieter, Judy Kitson, TEI Rock Drills, Cherry Creek Media, Alpine Bank, Tiff & Joanne Hayden, Len & Lori Cribbs, Judy Lokey, Jerilyn Sheldon, Michael Longmore, Delta-Montrose Electric Association, Ben Peterson, Bob & Bev Burlington, Bill Dixon, Brad & Rebecca Oberto, Charles & Susan Young, Cliff Weber, Dick & Pidge Grey, Dick & Toppy Graham, Dick & Sue Nally, Don & Jan Gladwell, Eileen Slicker, J. David Mackenzie, John Brooks, John Eloe, Joseph & Sandra Whitley, Kathleen Moore, Kyle & Kat Martinez, Mark Smith, Mary Hoch, Dr. Dorcha & Matt Boisen, Matt & Sue Goldasich, Mike & Jeannie Weber, Norman & Lexi Stevenson, Paul &Mary Nell Story, Randy Reitz, Dr. Richard & Maureen Shannon, Sherm Harris, Sherry Kammerer, Sibold Family Fund, Ted & Josephine Joens, Joe & Linda Sullivan, Herb George, Jim & Pam Knight, Kevin Johnson, Stan & Bonnie Grigg, Virginia Price, Dick Allison, Jerry Weaver, Dennis Freidrich, Stephen Cadez, Dan Murphy, Dave & Ede Simmons, Randy Griffin, J.K. Elsea, Vicky Marietta, Kathy Devor, Rex & Deniese Swanson, Bart & Kate Larmouth, Tom & Kathleen Kearney, and many more that have contributed but wish to remain anonymous. I also want to thank those who have offered to donate their time and equipment to help maintain the land until the building gets built and those who have shared their support and excitement for what is in store for the Club’s future. All of which are vital to the success of the Club’s permanent Montrose facility. Without you all, the Club’s massive fundraising success in this last five months would not have happened.

The BCBGC would like to thank all those who have helped with the Club by reminding you about the Club’s 20th birthday celebration on October 18, 2019. From 7:30 – 10:30 a.m. at the Montrose Unit at 2900 Sunnyside Rd, the Club would love for you to attend an Under the Sea themed birthday breakfast bash (while supplies last). Special thanks to Montrose Memorial Hospital for providing the food for the event and Coffee Trader for bringing the coffee!

And if you wish to be part of the winning team for the capital campaign, check out our capital campaign page on our website at today!

Bud Taylor is the Executive Director of the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) and has been for the past three years. Prior to that he was a Club kid, Junior Staff Member, and Board Director of the BCBGC. For more information on the Club, please visit