Our New Direction

Commercial Grade Kitchen

Half Gym

Dedicated Arts & Crafts Room

Multiple Classrooms/meeting rooms

Youth Lounge

Teen Lounge


Tech Lab with 3D Printers for Teens

Smoothie/ Snack bar for Teens

Recording Studio for Teens: 


A Bit of Magic...

Our Phased Approach

Phase One:

Gym Space & Gym Storage

3 Classrooms

Phase Two:

Front Entrance

It's Time to Take a Stand For Our Kids

You can't put a price on a child's future, but you can invest in it. 

Join the Team!

 Thank you for considering a contribution to the building! By donating you are helping the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club meet our goal of remodeling a bigger, better facility for our kids. Most importantly, you are investing in the future of our children in the community. 

We THANK YOU for making this possible!

Why We Chose This Direction:

It was a difficult decision to switch directions with the capital project. There were numerous factors that contributed to this decision. We started the project in 2019 and started off strong. The fundraising went well, and we couldn't ask for a better turnout from you and the rest of the community. However, it wasn't long after that COVID came along to turn all of our lives upside down. This included the construction industry and material costs. We went from a $3-4 million dollar estimate to $6-7 million; almost double what we had anticipated. We tried everything; shrinking the project, taking a phased approach, looking at loans... And yet there was nothing that could prevent the fact that with everything we were still looking at $10k in monthly expenses and loan repayment. The project we had worked so hard to produce and you helped fund was just becoming more and more financially unfeasible. We were stuck in between two tough situations: do we move out of the church and close while we wait for the new building to start construction? Or do we find another option to move into? With a deadline approaching, the Board of Directors made our new location top priority. 

Why the San Juan Cinema and not Build:

What's In The New Building?

The New Look:

We're In! Are you?



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