Youth Turned Staffer- Tim Costanza

Former Club Kid Turned Staff

The Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) became the big 2-0 in 2019. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Club has partnered with the Montrose Daily Press on a special project; to bring to the readers of the Press an article each week to highlight various aspects of the Club and show the impact it has had in Montrose & Olathe. The readers will get insight from current parents, former Club kids, current Club kids, past Club staff, and more. So join us each week as we show why “Great Futures Start Here!”

Tim Costanza is the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club’s Olathe Unit Site Director. Over the last few months, you may have noticed him in the photos with our Olathe Unit Youths of the Month! Tim has been a site director for the last six months in Olathe and has done a great job making improvements and positive changes to the Unit. But it would make sense that Tim would be so in tune to the needs of the Club since he used to be a Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club kid in his youth!

Tim attended the Club when it first opened 20 years ago (as did I – sorry to age us Tim!) and was part of the Club until he moved from the area in 2003. One thing Tim remembers from that time is the lack of a permanent home the Club had in Montrose. Initially housed at Columbine Middle School in a classroom, it moved to the Montrose High School cafeteria and then back to Columbine Middle School in the cafeteria. This has been a trend with the Club throughout its 20-years. While finding some long term stability in its current location at 2900 Sunnyside in Montrose and 300 Hap Court in Olathe, eventually it is the goal of the Club to own its own facility.

Tim’s trajectory follows that of a lot of Club kids; a Club kid becoming a junior staff member. In the summer of 2002, Tim was in charge of the six to nine year old kids and cites it as one of the most rewarding experience of his youth. “I can still remember all the songs we sang that summer and the silly expressions on their faces as they sang along. The Club absolutely impacted me in a positive way, the most profound is probably showing me how rewarding working with kids can be.”

Tim still keeps in contact with several people from his Club days, some of which are his closest friends. Tim and I were in Club together and it is great to have him back in his current role. He is a terrific fit. In his spare time, Tim likes exploring the outdoors or doing something nerdy as he puts it. Tim notes when the time comes, he would absolutely send his kids to the Club.

Tim’s insight into the Club is invaluable. He has been there from the beginning and seen how it has expanded and grown. He always strives to make each day great for the kids in Olathe, and I am so happy to have him back as part of the Club family. Thank you Tim!

Bud Taylor is the Executive Director for the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) and had been for the past two years. Prior to that, he was a BCBGC kid, junior staff member, and board director. Feel free to contact Bud Taylor by e-mail at or visit the Club’s website for more information,