Board Perspective- Sherry Kammerer

Board Director View

For this week’s article, I am verging into uncharted territory for this article series and bringing to you an interview from a current Board Director of the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC). Sherry Kammerer has been part of the BCBGC for the past three years. Of those three years, she has served two years as the Vice-President and she currently serves as the Board’s President. She is a great asset to the BCBGC Board helping to plan fundraising events, advocating for the Club, and being a sounding board for me as my role as Executive Director.

Sherry was not a Club kid growing up nor did she have much experience with the Club as a whole prior to moving to Montrose four years ago. However, she is no stranger to kids as she is a retired school teacher, is the mother to four girls, and has four grandchildren. Sherry knew from a young age she had a passion for kids, teaching, and aiding in the development of youth. She first heard about the Club from the then Board President in 2016 who invited her to a meeting. After the meeting, she knew she wanted to be part of organization. She wanted to be part of it not only because of her passion for youth development but also because she wanted to resolve a major issue the Club faced three years ago and still faces today; she wanted to find a way to eliminate the waiting list. Club, for the Montrose Unit, has a two year waiting list that can range anywhere from 30-60 kids. This is due to limited space at our current location we are leasing. Sherry has played a large role in our capital campaign and stated her desire to stay part of the Club until the capital project has come to fruition.

Sherry noted she likes all the varied programming at Club but her favorite is Power Hour. Power Hour, which is Club’s hour long program where kids simply work on homework for an hour with staff close by to help with questions, is a mandatory program at the Club. Sherry loves it because it allows the kids to get their homework done before their parents/guardians pick them up from Club. That way, the limited time there is in the evening by the time everyone gets home, can be devoted to family time, which is extremely valuable.

Now the Club is turning the big 2-0 this year. When I asked Sherry what her goals would be for the Club when it turned 30, she noted she wanted our new building to be built in Montrose, filled with kids and no waiting list. I think that is a very good place to be in the next 10 years myself. Thank you Sherry for letting me chat with you for this article and what you, and all the Club Board, does for BCBGC.

Speaking of turning 20, mark your calendars for the Club’s big birthday bash on October 18, 2019. We will have more details to come in future articles but we would love for you all to attend and celebrate the Club.

Bud Taylor is the Executive Director for the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club and has been for almost three years. Prior to that, he was a BCBGC kid, junior staff member, and board director. Feel free to contact Bud Taylor by e-mail at or visit the Club’s website for information,