Featured Member, Raven Gregory

Let me tell you about the tallest 2nd grader you will ever meet, with light brown hair, her face framed with purple glasses, and a smile that fills her face. Raven reluctantly came to the club shy and quiet. She was very unsure of herself both academically and socially. She didn’t want to participate in many of our programs, especially Power Hour, because she was embarrassed she didn’t know how to read, or rather had no confidence in her ability to read. Raven partnered up with Sarah, the program manager, during Power Hour. Sarah was someone Raven could read to and build her self esteem. After months and months, Raven built her confidence and was proud of her ability to read. She was learning new words every day and by the end of the school year she was reading the same chapter books that were popular among her peers. But it wasn’t just power hour where Raven started to spread her wings. Once she realized how rewarding participation could feel she started joyfully engaging in all the programs she could, making new friends along the way. Nowadays, shy or quiet are no longer adjectives that describe Raven at all. She has the confidence to handle any academic or social challenge with a determined smile on her face.