Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

The Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) became the big 2-0 in 2019. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Club has partnered with the Montrose Daily Press on a special project; to bring to the readers of the Press an article each week to highlight various aspects of the Club and show the impact it has had in Montrose & Olathe. The readers will get insight from current parents, former Club kids, current Club kids, past Club staff, and more. So join us each week as we show why “Great Futures Start Here!”

By the time you are reading this article, a lot of the Thanksgiving festivities will be complete. The Thanksgiving turkey will have been ate on Thursday, the battle that is Black Friday shopping will be done, the Small Business Saturday local spending will be complete, and today, Sunday, can you can finally rest. Although that rest period is short lived as Cyber Monday, where you get all your online deal hunting done, is less than 24 hours away. But there is one more day to be had in this week of crazy days which is Giving Tuesday.

What is Giving Tuesday you may be asking? Giving Tuesday falls the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year, which is December 3rd this year. After all the Christmas shopping has been done for your friends and loved ones, Giving Tuesday serves as a day to encourage folks to give back to non-profits and charities. However, there is one aspect of Giving Tuesday I would like to address; the need to give to local community organizations and non-profits so the money stays in our little hamlet. I have told this story before but I still remember the time my wife mentioned she had started to donate to Boys & Girls Club of America thinking it would trickle back down to our Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC). Unfortunately, that is not the case as the BCBGC only gets funding from monthly donors and one off donations made directly to the BCBGC along with grants and fundraising events. So she quickly changed her course of action and started to donate directly to BCBGC. With that, by giving to the local Club, donations are eligible for a 50% credit on your state taxes through the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit. So if you donate $120 on Giving Tuesday to Club, you are eligible to receive $60 back on your taxes. Although I am no tax expert, that is definitely something to talk to your tax professional about, particularly before the end of the year, to get the most back on your taxes.

Furthermore, any amount you donate is a blessing to the Club. My wife has this phrase she says, which is blunt, but true “some money is better than no money”. Small amounts build up over time and can end up making a huge difference. Any amount you can give, whether it be to the BCBGC or another great local non-profit, is making an impact within the community. To donate to the Club on Giving Tuesday, check out

And you don’t just have to donate on Giving Tuesday. The BCBGC is doing a donor drive through December 31, 2019. Anyone who becomes a monthly donor, for any monthly amount, during that time will be entered into a drawing to win two VIP tickets to the Montrose Wine & Food Festival (valued at $200). The winner will be chosen and announced on March 1, 2020 (existing monthly donors will be automatically entered to win). As an added bonus, any amount you donate to the BCBGC will be eligible for that tax credit noted above (so if you donate $15 a month, totaling $180 for the year, you would be eligible to receive $90 back on your taxes). You can sign up to become a monthly donor today at For more information on the Montrose Wine & Food Festival, please visit For more information on the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit, visit

Bud Taylor is the Executive Director for the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) and had been for the past three years. Prior to that, he was a BCBGC kid, junior staff member, and board director. Feel free to contact Bud Taylor by e-mail at or visit the Club’s website for more information,