Beat the Heat

Club Beats the Heat

The Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) became the big 2-0 in 2019. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Club has partnered with the Montrose Daily Press on a special project; to bring to the readers of the Press an article each week to highlight various aspects of the Club and show the impact it has had in Montrose & Olathe. The readers will get insight from current parents, former Club kids, current Club kids, past Club staff, and more. So join us each week as we show why “Great Futures Start Here!”

As a born and bred Coloradoan, I know how fickle the weather can be; even though it may be summer, doesn’t mean it won’t snow on the summer solstice (looking at you Denver area!). However, while it may still be monsoon season, we have managed in Montrose/Olathe to get a few true heated summer days. It was one of those perfect hot summer days, that the Olathe Unit got to have an epic water fight.

Now this water fight was not just between the kids. No, we pulled in some reinforcements; the Olathe Police Department and the Olathe Volunteer Fire Department came in to help us truly soak the kids and cool them down. With an arsenal of water balloons, super soakers, hoses, and buckets at their disposal, the kids felt they could beat the police and firefighters in this battle. Let’s just say when the brigade of them showed up with the fire truck and hose, the kids admitted defeat in the water war but decided just to have some fun. The kids were well and truly soaked by the end of that day and it will be a summer memory we doubt they will soon forget.

That is the great part of living in our community though; the constant level of support. Tim, the Olathe Unit’s Site Director, always likes to go above and beyond with his programming for the kids. It is almost to the point I have to say no sometimes due to budget or time constraints, but his enthusiasm and zest for his position is what makes him so great at his job. His staff is much the same, coming up with ideas left and right for me to consider. So when Tim asked about the water wars idea, I said go for it as long as you can get the support you need to not only have the kids play, but to make sure the kids were well looked after. And I will tell you, all Tim had to do was ask the Olathe Police and Volunteer Fire Department, and they came out in force. Tim’s grand scheme was two-fold; not only did he want the kids to have a fun time (because what kid doesn’t like a water fight) but he wanted them to be able to interact with the local police and fire fighters. It is important to have the kids meet them and build a rapport with them, to know they are there for kids when kids need them. We never want our Club kids to be in a situation that warrants the police or fire fighters to be called out but, if they are, we want them to know these people care, are there to help, and to not be afraid. The best part is all we had to do was ask! They came without hesitation and with all the enthusiasm in the world. How great is it to live in a community where people help without question? We are very lucky to live in such a community. Thank you to the Olathe Police Department and the Olathe Volunteer Fire Department!

Bud Taylor is the Executive Director for the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club (BCBGC) and had been for the past two years. Prior to that, he was a BCBGC kid, junior staff member, and board director. Feel free to contact Bud Taylor by e-mail at or visit the Club’s website for more information,