A Place to Become

The Capital Campaign for the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club

It's Time to Take a Stand For our Kids

You can't put a price on a child's future, but you can invest in it.

Help us do that!

Thank you for considering a contribution to the cause! By donating to our capital campaign, you are helping the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club meet our goal of building a bigger, better facility for our kids. Most importantly, you are investing in the future of our children of the community.

We THANK YOU for making this possible!

Campaign Progress

We're on our way to two million locally

Thank you to all the grant funders who helped us reach our Goal!

We're In! Are you?


Billy & Colleen Aller

Dick Allison

Alpine Bank

Dennis & Josephine Bailey

Dr. Mike & Phoebe Benziger

Dr. Dorcha & Matt Boisen

John Brooks

Dr. Kelly & Barbra Bynum

Stephen Cadez

Stacia Cannon

Tom & Dorris Chamberlain

Colorado West Investments

Bob & Cooling

Len & Lori Cribbs

Kathleen Devor

Eric & Staycee Dieter

Bart & Julie Disher

Bill Dixon


John Eloe

J.K. Elsea

Ralph & Judy-Ann Files

Fred Flower

Dennis Freidrich

Herb George

Rusty & Paula George

Don & Jan Gladwell

Matt & Sue Goldasich

Dick & Toppy Graham

Tim Grambley

Dick & Pidge Grey

Randy Griffin

Stan & Bonnie Grigg


Bob & Suzanne Hamilton

Nancy Hannah

Sue Hansen & Kay Heinschel

Douglas & Suzanne Hansen

Sherm Harris

Randy & Diane Havens

Tiff & Joanne Hayden

Al & Sandy Head

High County Beverage

Mary Hoch

Bob Hoshide

Dan Hotsenpiller

Bob & Bev Burlington

Ted & Josephine Joens

Kevin Johnson

Drs. Tim & Sarah Judkins

Sherry Kammerer

Tom & Kathleen Kearney

Judy Kittson

Jim & Pam Knight

Laird & Marilyn Landon Jr.

Chris & Brandee Larkin

Judy Lokey

Bryce & Sara Lokey

Michael Longmore


Sandy Mailliard

Greg & Connie Majors

Vickie Marietta

Kyle & Kat Martinez

Frank Martinez

J. David Mackenzie

Frank Meeks

Matt Miles

David & Gaynelle Mize

Kathleen Moore

Dan Murphy

Dick & Sue Nally

Michael Nolan

Brad & Rebecca Oberto

Flint Ogle

Ben & Janae Peterson

Stephen Peterson

Craig Plenis

Max Powell

Don Preisner

Virginia Price

Richard & Vera Pringle

David & Debbie Reed

Alan Reed

Randy Reitz

Ronald Robacker

Howdy Robertson


Kevin Sanderford

Emily Schneider & Dr. Tom Wiard

James Schurz

James Schwoebel

Dr. Dick & Maureen Shannon

Dr. Collin & Lori Sharp

Jerilyn Sheldon

Sibold Family Fund

Dave & Ede Simmons

Drs. Vin SIngh & Gayle Frazetta

Eileen Slicker

Mark Smith

Lars Stangbee

Norman & Lexy Stevenson

Paul & Mary Nell Story

Scott & Kristi Stryker

Joe & Linda Sullivan

Rex & Deniese Swanson

Bud & Amy Taylor

TEI Rock Drills

Bob Tesch

Ross & Mary Turner

Vectra Bank

Jerry Weaver

Mike & Jeannie Weber

Cliff Weber

Bert Welz

Joseph & Sandra Whitley

Craig & Julie Wolverton

Charles & Susan Young

Future Home of the Club

On the corner of E. Niagara & 6700 Rd