Thank you for considering a contribution to the cause! By donating to our capital campaign, you are helping the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club meet our goal of building a bigger, better facility for our kids. Most importantly, you are investing in the future of our children of the community.

We THANK YOU for making this possible!

Thank you to those who have already donated!

David & Gaynelle Mize

Matt Miles

Drs. Vin Singh & Gayle Frazetta

Drs. Sarah & Tim Judkins

Staycee & Eric Dieter

Judy Kitson

TEI Rock Drills

Cherry Creek Media

Tiff Hayden

Len Cribbs

Judy Lokey

Jerilyn Sheldon

Michael Longmore

Delta-Montrose Electric Association

Ben Peterson

Beverly Howell-Burlington

Bill Dixon

Brad Oberto

Charles Young

Cliff Weber

Dick & Pidge Grey

Dick Graham

Dick Nally

Don Gladwell

Eileen Slicker

J. David Mackenzie

John Brooks

John Eloe

Joseph Whitley

Kathleen Moore

Kyle Martinez

Mark Smith

Mary Hoch

Matt Boisen

Matt Goldasich

Mike Weber

Norman Stevenson

Paul Story

Randy Reitz

Dr. Richard Shannon

Sherm Harris

Sherry Kammerer

Sibold Family Fund

Ted Joens

Tom Kearney

Club is offering some tools to help you contribute.

  • A Matching Tool- BCBGC leadership has come together to create a matching fund. For every dollar you donate, it is matched with another dollar, doubling your donation.
  • The Tool of Time- Consider pledging your donation over a three year period.
  • The Tool of Taxes- When you donate to the BCBGC, 50% of every dollar comes back to you on your Colorado taxes. Donations given to the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club qualify for the Colorado Childcare Tax Credit.

Using all three tools you may donate $1,000 over three years - that is about $1 a day. Club leadership will match that - which means your gift doubled. And at the end of year three, you will receive $500 in Tax Credits. Simply put, a $500 donation from you is a $2,000 donation to the Club.

Help make our dream a reality

You can't put a price on a child's future, but you can invest in it.

Help us do that!

We have put together the plans for our new building. Imagine building this in our community to help sustain the futures of our kiddos! With your help, we can make this possible.

We can't do it without you!

Check out the magazine dedicated to the project

Click on the Cover to find out more.

This is more than a building, it is place for kids to become:

a friend

a teacher

the best kickball player ever

a master chef

a tech wizard

a board game champ

a lego master

whatever they want to be!

"We're in! Are you?"

Want to donate to the project?

Visit our Colorado Gives Page. If you want to pledge a donation, fill out the form below!