Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Does BCBGC provide transportation to the two sites after school? During the summer?

For the Montrose unit, the Montrose Bus Barn provides transportation to the Club after school. During the summer, the Bus Barn is not running and the Club does not offer transportation. For the Olathe unit, the Club picks up kids after school every day. During the summer there is no transportation offered.

2.) What do the kids do during a typical after-school session?

Members arrive at the Club. Members will sign into our system and get snack. Staff will hold a Club meeting and discuss what is going on for the day. Everyday the Club will provide at least two programs per level. On Wednesday, which is an early release day, Club will have three programs. The programs will vary from Arts and Crafts to Jr. Chef to Triple Play. Some programs are grant required and staff may talk to parents about keeping the kids for a few minutes extra to accomplish grant measurements.

3.) Are snacks/drinks provided?

During the school session, snacks and drinks are provided to each member. These are provided through our partnership with the Food Bank of the Rockies. During the summer the Club provides breakfast, lunch, and a snack.

4.) Does my child need to attend every day to remain in the program?

NO! Your child can come one day or can come every day! The choice is up to you. The program is broken up into school and summer sessions.

5.) What are the safety measures in place at your program locations?

The Club regularly practices drills. The Club also has secure check in and check out system. All staff have walkie-talkies at all times and are trained. Adult staff are on site at all times and members are not left alone.

6.) What is the adult-to-child ratio during your program hours?

The Club keeps a 20:1 maximum ratio. We strive to keep a 15:1 ratio in the program.

7.) What does it cost for my child to be enrolled in your school program? Summer program? Do you offer family discounts?

In the summer of 2018, it cost $180 for 9 weeks of Club in Montrose. It cost $100 for 9 weeks in Olathe. Olathe had a partnership with the Town of Olathe to help offer lower rates in 2017 but the grant was not awarded in 2018. The rates for the 2018-2019 School session have not been finalized.

The Club does offer family discounts. Please call our administrative office at 249-5168 for more information as this occurs on a case by case situation.

8.) Does BCBGC have an attendance policy?

The Club does not have a formal attendance policy. An interesting fact, if your child goes to club every day for the year, including during the summer sessions, we interact with your child more than their teacher every year.

9.) What ages do you accept into your program?

Per Colorado Law, we can accept members ages 6 to 18 years old. Due to the range in age of the members, we break them out into age appropriate activities.

10.) Will my child's disability be accommodated?

The Club will work with your child as much as possible depending on funding. We recognize it is great for youth of all types to interact but sometimes we are just not able to accommodate everyone. Please be open with the staff so we can prepare for your member.

11.) Does the program ever go off-site?

Yes! We will contact parents beforehand and let them know the plan so parents can plan accordingly. If the parents so choose, the member can stay on site. In Olathe, the Club has a great relationship with Colorow and we visit them quite often.

12.) What form(s) of discipline does BCBGC utilize, if any?

The Club has additional staff in place to pull kids from activities and discuss the issue. Staff will also write a "yellow-slip". The yellow-slip will let the member know what happened and which staff saw it or addressed it. A copy of yellow-slips will be given to parents to inform them of what happened.

Staff do not touch members in any way for discipline.

13.) Does BCBGC offer a reward program?

Yes! Every month members who show up and work with the staff are rewarded with the potential opportunity to become a Club Youth of the Month. We typically have two Youths of the Month; one from the Montrose unit and one from the Olathe unit.

Youth also have the opportunity to compete in Youth of the Year, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

14.) Are there technology restrictions?

Yes! While we live in a world surrounded by technology, we ask that all members put technology away during programming hours. If it becomes an issue staff will take away the technology and will give it to the guardian when the member is picked up.

For any additional questions or concerns about the Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club, please contact Executive Director, Bud Taylor, at