COVID for Kids

Important Announcements!

We know that with the schools and club being closed, it has put stress on all of our families to find things for kids to do and stay busy while they are at home. ​We have a ton of activities and ideas for your kids that we will be posting here for the next few weeks!

Watch this video to hear about what we have planned!

Club in a bag kits are currently unavailable, due to the Stay at Home order in effect 3/26/20. We will let you know when we can provide these again. Thank you for understanding.

Chat with your favorite staff member! We still want to know what has been going on! You might even get a video response!

Cup Challenge

Haley demonstrates how to solve the cup challenge. Try the challenge on your own and then watch the video to see if you can figure it out.

Germs Experiment

Haley explains and shows why it is so important to wash your hands with soap.

Friendly reminder to go wash your hands for at least 20 seconds!

Downloadable Resources and Activities:

Click on the buttons below to download each activity. ("100 Things To Do" has both English and Spanish lists, and a Fun Challenge!)

Reading Time

Since our staff usually read to our younger members during Power Hour, we wanted to provide a story from Leslie and Hibana. Please enjoy this story in Spanish and English from our awesome staff!

Soccer Skills

At Club we have a Sports & Recreation program called Triple Play. In this video, Leslie and Hibana show two soccer drills that kids can work on at home. Hibana also shows off a new trick and challenges our members to learn it, video it, and send it in to Megan at to win a prize at Club!

Balloon Experiment

Hibana & Leslie demonstrate the vinegar and baking soda balloon experiment. If you try this at home, please wear safety glasses and have an adult help you with this experiment!

How To Tie Knots

Ethan demonstrates four different knots for Survival Club. Practice these knots and maybe you will find a new way to use them!

Jump Rope Skills

Hibana & Leslie show off some jump rope skills for members to work on at home! Get outside and have some fun!

Tornado Experiment

Ethan shows how to make a Tornado in a Jar for our Science program. This experiment it super easy, and clean, but really cool when you get it to work!

Dice Workout Challenge

For our Triple Play program, Hibana and Leslie demonstrate how to do the Dice Challenge Workout and some of the workouts you may not know.

Pom Pom Bunnies

Haley demonstrates how to make these super cute pom pom bunnies for Easter!

Egg Disco Ball

Haley demonstrates how to make a disco ball out of Easter Eggs.

CHALLENGE: Create something awesome out of plastic Easter eggs and send it to Megan at to be entered in to win an awesome prize from Club!

Origami Frog

Tim teaches us how to make an Origami from

Origami Crane

Tim teaches us how to make an Origami Crane.

Did you know in Japan, if you make 1,000 paper cranes you get a wish?

Ninja Star

Tim Teaches us how to make a Ninja Star! Practice in the back yard because we might have a test when we get back!

The Claw

Watch yo self! These Claws are easy to make and fun to play with. Send chills down peoples backs today!

Fortune Teller

Want to know your future? Our crystal ball shows us you will make a fortune teller for yourself!

Paper Boat

Tim teaches us how to make an Origami Crane.

Did you know in Japan, if you make 1,000 paper cranes you get a wish?

Oh, the places you'll go

Check out these other fun things by clicking on the pictures!

NASA Virtual Education Program

Solve a Modern problem with STEM

Visit the art institute of Chicago

Interact with the Museum of Science and Industry